A California Manufacturer


As an environmentally responsible manufacturer of recyclable commercial carpet, PacifiCrest recognizes that the most sustainable product is one of the highest quality and the longest life cycle. It is well known that until manufacturers reach a point where the manufacturing process can be accomplished with a zero environmental footprint, they will always be drawing upon virgin materials to make carpet.

We believe the most practical way to minimize the environmental impact of the manufacturing process is to implement the highest performing sustainable systems available. To facilitate this goal, we build products with the greatest longevity, which thereby reduces over time the net draw of virgin materials. As a result, PacifiCrest uses only type 6,6 nylons, which have proven to be ultimate performers with the longest life cycle of any type of nylon.

When specifications call for working with an environmentally responsible manufacturer, you can be confident that PacifiCrest products are among the finest and rate high in environmental sustainability, broadloom styling and high performance.