A California Manufacturer

About PacifiCrest

At PacifiCrest, we are proud to carry on a heritage of excellence established by our parent company, Royalty Carpet Mills, which was founded in 1963 by Mike Derderian.

Royalty is distinguished as the only privately owned West Coast carpet manufacturer vertically integrated throughout the manufacturing process. This integration allows PacifiCrest to advance its leadership in technological innovation and quality control and service, which are all critical to a manufacturer’s viability in the commercial marketplace.

As the perfect complement to the Royalty and Camelot niche of mid to high-end carpet business, PacifiCrest upholds a reputation in the commercial marketplace for creativity and quality. Combined with our long history of providing unique commercial floor covering worldwide, we place a strong emphasis on superior service, the cornerstone of our marketing philosophy and efforts.

Mission Statement

We provide customers with unparalleled service and products that are highly styled with great value. Our manufacturing operations strive for the highest levels of sustainable practices throughout the entire process. We also believe in a work environment that provides every opportunity for employees to experience personal growth as well as contribute to our continued business success.