Environmental Performance

PacificCrest Demonstrates Outstanding Environmental Performance in Carpet Manufacturing Process and Products.

PacifiCrest has dramatically reduced the environmental impact of producing carpet as a result of our unparalleled two decade commitment and leadership.
PacifiCrest is committed to transforming the built environment toward one that is profitable, healthy, and environmentally responsible, as a U.S. Green Building Council Member.

Specify commercial carpet made by PacifiCrest to impact points for LEED building certification and to enhance your GREEN design practices.

Energy Efficient, Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing Processes.
Recycled water is used for our carpet dyeing process, then we reclaim the water for further industrial use.
1997 winner of Water Award, from the Irvine Ranch Water District in California. PacifiCrest saves millions of gallons of fresh drinkable water each year.

Natural gas is used to supply our manufacturing with electricity and steam for heating recycled water. In 1993 we helped pioneer the new technology of energy co-generation using one clean burning fuel source to power our turbines, yielding electrical and thermal energy.