E-LOK BioBak

PacifiCrest Environmental Innovations and Quality
Add rapidly renewable and recycled content while increasing the carpet's performance and lifecycle with PacifiCrest E-LOK BioBak™ polyurethane backing that is 64%-68% green by weight (excluding carpet face weight).

This E-LOK BioBak™ technology limits the environmental footprint on our planet by lessening the amount of petroleum imported, improving air quality, and reducing landfill issues.

PacifiCrest E-LOK BioBak is manufactured utilizing the BioCel™ polyurethane backing system that contains recycled, recovered and renewable materials for enhanced sustainability. The technology used to produce BioCel is a new compound combination of BioBalance™ polymers (soybean oil, a 100% renewable resource, replacing a portion of the petroleum base chemistry) and Celceram™. Celceram is a highly refined recovered mineral endorsed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The non-woven scrim used in this backing system is made with 100% recycled post consumer material from recycled plastic bottles. Post industrial polyurethane is also added.

This backing system qualifies for LEED points from the USGBC. It contributes to the total building material requirements for rapidly renewable materials under the Materials and Resources Section of Version 2.0 of the LEED guidelines. E-LOK BioBak is 64-68% green by weight, excluding carpet face weight. It is available on PacifiCrest's Ambiente and Ambiente II HRC Series (High Recycled Content) carpets and increases the overall green content.

E-LOK BioBak offers quality advantages that include: ergonomic characteristics, greater appearance retention, superior acoustical and sound absorption, and it will not delaminate.

E-LOK BioBak is available in Laminate Polyurethane Carpet Backing, MAXIM Polyurethane Carpet Backing constructions and E-LOK BioBak 18 Attached Cushion Polyurethane Carpet Backing. Specific adhesives are recommended by PacifiCrest that comply with California rules 102 and 443, and Low-VOC emission levels are below California SCAQMD rule 1168.

Carpet warranties with E-LOK BioBak are: Ten-Year Fiber Wear, Ten-Year Static Control, Life-of-the-Carpet Edge Ravel, Life-of-the-Carpet Delamination, Life-of-the-Carpet Pilling/Fuzzing and they pass the British Pill Test (Moisture Barrier).

PacifiCrest carpet with E-LOK BioBak integrated backing system also contributes to the reduction of environmental impact by carpet manufacturing achieved with low impact manufacturing practices:

PacifiCrest uses natural gas to produce power for manufacturing which creates as little as 1/20th of the emissions compared to commonly used coal or oil.
This reduces air pollution by up to


PacifiCrest's carpet dyeing process utilizes energy co-generation and heat recycling technologies that achieve a green power contribution of up to


Recycled water is used extensively in our manufacturing facilities, and we reclaim the water for further industrial use. Gallons of water saved annually exceeds