Introducing BioCel Polyurethane Carpet Backing Systems
Universal Textile Technologies’ BioCel high-performance compound takes PacifiCrest’s commitment to green a step further by combining two advances in renewable and recycled components, making it their most environmentally friendly product yet.

We Just Keep Getting Friendlier

Start with Green:  Polyurethane backings are proven performers - preserving resources by extending product life and reducing landfill waste.
Make it Greener:  BioBalanceTM polymers are created from soybean plants – a stable and 100% renewable resource.  UTT’s BioCel backing systems meet or exceed the standards set for indoor air quality, with an added benefit – our products rely on growing things, and that helps the air outdoors too.  CelceramTM is a highly-refined recovered mineral endorsed by the US Environmental Protection Agency.  Not a filler, but a component that actually improves product stability without increasing costs.

Our Greenest Yet:  BioCel technology brings it all together in one package – a high performance product that is 50-60% green by weight.